Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lion

I was quiet here in March, well, stuff happened.

1- Dog was diagnosed with Stage 2 Mass Cell Cancer tumor and had to have tumor removal surgery. He still has to see a puppy oncologist and start puppy chemo.

2- I was accepted (as of today thus afar) into WCSU's MFA Creative and Professional Writing Program as well as the MFA Creative Writing Program at California College of the Arts. Uni of San Fran's Writing MFA rejected me. San Jose State U and San Fran State U will be finalizing and sending notifications this week. I really really want to be accepted into SJSU, but am preparing for rejection because their criteria was pretty rough.

3- I got into a sort of end of winter depression. I guess the waiting, anxiety, and everything snowballed so I got into a very uninspired and morose sort of funk. It happens.

 So I will not know where I'm going to grad school until next week I suppose, and if I don't get into SJSU I will probably go with WCSU and registration starts Apr 13th so  I need to decide if I am going to start in Fall or Spring. Part of me wants to hold off to Spring because I am moving to San Jose and would like to get a little financial stability and not travel so heavy in the summer, but then part of me just wants to get started with the week residency and such.

And that is that.

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