Thursday, February 10, 2011

Being the Literary One

     My boyfriend, whom for all intents and purposes shall be known as The Gent, is one of the most technical smart people I know, a veritable MacGyver even. He's actually a draftsman/technical director for an Audio/Lighting/Video install/rental group that does a lot of big corporate shows out West. He's very good at what he does.
  He also cannot spell to save his life.
     Seriously, I love him to utter pieces but when we first became involved conversation at times was akin to having someone speak to you via Babelfish when we would IM. Sometimes, due the interesting autocorrect the iPhone decides on, conversation could even be downright hilarious.
  A year later I am pleased to say I can properly "translate" what he's trying to say with some words.
      A few months ago when he was up for the position he currently has, I demanded to read his cover letter/letter of intent. It wasn't a bad effort, but needed a fine-tuned grammatical polishing. I like to think my help was conducive to him getting the gig.
     His spelling has actually improved a lot between now and then, and I often wonder if its my influence and the occasional spelling correction that has brought this about. Or that he makes the effort because I am "the literary one" between us as he says.
     Between us, I read more of what is considered literary fiction. He's more into science fiction/space or non-fiction works. He loves e-readers, I prefer what he calls "dead tree books". Call me arcane, but I love paper books.
       I have considered at some point writing something in science fiction, something he would like to read and one of our mutual friends would like to read, and maybe even other people would like to read. I probably would never be the next Heinlein, but writing some sort of epic space opera even just for funsies?
  Well, why not?
    Goonies never say die!

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